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Our Company was founded in 2005. Since then, it has been our mission to set the standard for excellence in residential construction in the spirit of the age-old builder/patron tradition. To that end, we have worked to differentiate ourselves from other residential builders and have created a corporate culture that is built upon enduring relationships a place where company personnel, Clients and Architects are assured that quality, integrity and service are inseparable from our fundamental mission, which is to build enduring value for our Clients.



Satyam Builders has applied its uncompromising commitment to quality in building some of the finest residential and commercial properties. Working with esteemed clients, architects and designers, we have consistently exceeded expectations and delivered distinctive projects on time and on budget.

To build exceptional architecture while providing superior service, Satyam Builders must rely on a wide range of talented professionals. Our team coordination creates a collegial atmosphere and our integration of executive, administrative, sales and on-site personnel produces extraordinary results.

The diversity and range of work includes everything from luxury high-rise residential housing, hotels, affordable housing, assisted living facilities, as well as retail, mixed-use developments including the largest development.

The developments meet high standards of architectural, green building, and energy efficiency design.  The organization works with selected professionals at all phases of housing development and production. Funding to support these activities is secured from a variety of public and private sources.

Committed to maintaining extraordinarily high standards of quality, service and integrity, all of Satyam Builders policies and procedures are targeted to elevating the standards of the residential construction industry. Our commitment to artisan quality workmanship, the best of modern management techniques and rigorous financial oversight, has forged a place seldom seen before in the residential construction industry.

Satyam Builders combines outstanding professionalism and technical expertise with an unequalled knowledge of the unique conditions created by growth and development in Gwalior market. This heightened sensitivity anda willingness to perform above and beyond the capacity of ordinary firms create a distinct competitive advantage. Elevating, Satyam Builders to an elite status among construction management firms in the area. But the commitment of Satyam Builders goes far beyond its performance in the office and the field. The company is an excellent builder of relationship among clients, partners in the industry, and in the community where it operates.


This is reflected in the high percentage of repeat business from long term customers, the reliability and consistent performance of subcontractors. Home grown, experienced and calibrated to excel, Satyam Builders offers a rare combinations of local knowledge, unmatched customer service and proven performance in construction management.

We believe every successful professional relationship begins by defining a clear set of objectives. We listen to our Clients and strive to understand their needs.

Our firm has forged a reputation for excellence in the field of residential construction and can make a significant contribution to the overall quality and ultimate success of a project

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